Thursday, 20 January 2011

Student Politics

My young team of local volunteers spent this morning at the citizenship fair, hosted by the fantastic students at Ponteland High School. Sadly I was in the House and couldnt make it but they did a great job getting the students involved.

They spent the morning answering questions, signing up those interested in joining my volunteer internship scheme and raising awareness of what I do on their behalf.

They also trialled two fun projects which I hope to roll out across the rest of the constituency, through school and local events. These were “democracy direct”, where students had the opportunity to vote on which subject I focus on over the coming weeks. The winning topic with the students this morning with a landslide 48% of the vote was the topic of apprenticeships. I therefore look forward to getting stuck in to the issues of apprenticeships in the coming weeks on behalf of the students.

Our second initiative, called “Ask Guy”, collected written questions from the students, ranging from fish quotas in the North Sea, to questions about the digital economy bill, to which I am currently in the process of responding to.

I hope these fun and innovative projects encourage students to get in touch and make their opinions count on key issues that matter to them.