Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Speech to North East Chamber of Commerce

On Saturday I used a keynote speech at the North East Chamber Commerce Annual Meeting in Northumberland to open the Task Force to all of the region's businessmen.

The North East Business Task Force has been established to promote the interests of businesses here in North East directly to Government. Its not partisan and non political aiming to bring the concerns of North East business in front of Government decision makers.

I hope the group will bring together their own experiences and that of fellow North East businessmen and women to consider how government can help businesses in the region, what restricts their growth and what the government can do to help re balance the North East economy by encouraging private investment.

In my speech I said "Today I'm asking you to help me make the case for North East business loud and clear."

I end today by offering an invitation to you all to join the Task Force and help me positively influence Government in favour of North East business and manufacturing at this crucial time for our regional economy."

The response from business has already been very strong and I have been inundated with messages.

Its a complex conversation but already its clear small firms in the region are suffering under government red tape. Not surprising when you consider we have 22,000 laws and regulations covering business. I will also be taking back the clear message to Westminster than the banks have lost touch with business and are refusing credit to good, profitable, well run companies stifling growth in the regions private sector.

I pledged at the election to champion North East business and will continue to do so.