Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hexham Bus Station

I signed the 2000 strong petition calling for Hexham bus station to be rebuilt on its existing site, which was presented to Northumberland County Council. Sadly the Lib Dem council bosses stated that their priorities for capital investment lay elsewhere.

Now whilst I think the current site is the best option I am willing to be over ruled if the engineering work can't make it fit for purpose. However, the clear point is that Hexham bus station has been in a terrible state for far too long. It is one of the first buildings seen by many visitors to our beautiful town and does not make a good enough impression. It is my opinion that the county council should make it a priority to build a new bus station on the same location as the current one.

The county council is planning three major capital investment projects, which are all in Morpeth and Ashington. I have written to the Leader of the Council to find out why Hexham bus station is currently not on their agenda.

I recognise that cash is short at the moment but if they are spending £25 million on a new leisure centre for Ashington, I do struggle to see how they cant find less than £1million for something which is key to the economy of our town.

Increasingly Hexham is getting a raw deal from the County Council.

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  1. Over the past few years, there have been many proposals to redevelop, knock down, move the bus station to Loosing Hill, the Station or simply let buses stop at bus stops on Battle Hill.

    All have been ludicrous suggestions and now the Council have the hopeless task of building a new bus station. Hopeless because times have moved on and the new limitations have been imposed with the decreasing available space to re-locate to. It is their own fault as they have dithered for years and seemed to be beholden to the developers rather than think of a coherent transport plan for Hexham and how it would help local people.

    It needed strong decision making. The will did not seem to be there.

    Now there is a historic bus station, with an interesting stone building but little else. Buses are getting bigger by the day, manoevrability is getting harder, space is becoming a premium.

    The only realistic solution would be to do something in the Wentworth car park which would involve a bus station with a multi storey car park on top. Costly - yes. Many obstacles to overcome - yes. But something for the future for the lovely town of Hexham. People would be attracted into the town for shopping, because of the ease of transport, parking and having lifts which depposit shoppers on street level.

    Will this happen? No. Things will muddle on as usual. Meanwhile the good things like the new Abbey visitor centre will be hindered by a rotten traffic and transport policy.

    Let's hope for a miracle at the Council