Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Northern Rail Meeting at the Valley in Corbridge

Great meeting last night between 3 of the key Northern Rail team who made a big effort to come out and sit down for a meal with a variety of rail users and concerned locals - all of whom gave up their evening to get involved. All of us want a better railway service and it was a really worthwhile meeting that lasted 3 hours and was accompanied by delicious Indian food.
This photo was by Robert Forsythe [a man who possibly knows more about the railways than Brunel and Stephenson ever did put together!] and there is more on the TVRUG website and facebook / blog: http://www.tvrug.org.uk/
My particular thanks to Richard, Alan and Drew from Northern Rail - what impressed me most was that they clearly care passionately about the railways. We are merely one part of their franchise, but I am certain this was the first in many steps that we will be taking to ensure that Northumberland residents get a better service and a voice that is heard more loudly both in the North and in Westminster.