Friday, 21 June 2013

Hexham Community Clean Up Day

With the help of local traders, I have organised a community clean up day to help spruce up the Hexham town centre. The event will start at 9am on Saturday 6th July with a range of activities, from litter picking, to cleaning up local monuments and public buildings.
The Clean Up will be starting at 9am meeting at the Market Place. 
Hexham is a fantastic place to live but we want to make it even better. That is why I hope people will join me and many others for an hour or so to roll up our sleeves and help give our town centre and our local shops a boost.
I hope the rest of that week will be dedicated to making Hexham look its best with our Hexham Clean Up Week, when we are asking residents, retailers and community groups to take some time to improve a part of the town they care about, identify the problem areas and help us tackle them.