Saturday, 14 September 2013

Learning lessons from the County Show

This years Northumberland County Show was a great success. However, everyone will be aware that there were some traffic issues at the new site and I'm pleased to report on the work being done to fix them.
Most importantly of all, the road by Stocksfield Station has been repaired and will of course be open for next years show which it wasn't this year. Improvements will be also be made to signage for traffic, including the use of variable message signs to keep people updated.
A pedestrian walkway will also be put in place to improve links between the show and the station. There will also be changes to the car park layout and restrictions on unhelpful parking (such as on the 695.)
I will be in touch with the County Council and show organises to see how things progress. I am particularly keen that the shuttle bus is made to work, as this is vital for disabled people accessing the show via public transport. Full credit to the Show team and the Highways Department at NCC.