Monday, 2 September 2013

Progress needed on parking charges

The County Council must getting cracking on delivering free parking for Hexham. It is almost 6 months since Labour was elected on a pledge to deliver free parking yet residents are still paying.

Both the Conservatives and Labour stood on a platform of free parking at the elections. Now 5 months on we have failed to see any solid action to deliver the free parking our town centre needs. Despite the promise of negotiation with the town Council, and despite the personal urgings of myself and Councillors, we have seen no solid proposals from County Hall.

The County Council's delay has meant traders have missed out on what could have been a real boom this summer. With summer over and still no real proposals on the table this is really dragging on too long and our small shops and traders are missing out. I have spoken to Hexham Mayor Terry Robson and he is ready and willing to negotiate a better deal for Hexham when it comes to parking. We now need the County Council to step up a gear and get some concrete proposals on the table so we can boost trade in the town as soon as possible.


  1. Not everyone in Hexham supports free parking. The worry is that we head back to the unpoliced parking chaos when movement around the town by any means was hampered, particularly along Battle Hill. Crossing Beaumont St is also a challenge with no safe place to cross and a constant flow of space seeking cars.
    If we compare Hexham with Morpeth, the fees are similar and yet Morpeth thrives. The reasons for Morpeth's success must therefore have nothing to do with parking.
    I would suggest that this is a politically driven move which may well backfire.

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