Monday, 31 August 2015

Stu’s legacy will live on

The Hexham Courant reports:

"He may have lost his five-month battle against a brain tumour, but the name of Stuart Ridley will live on.

For the Stay Strong Stu campaign will continue in honour of the 25-year-old farmer and rugby player whose courageous battle against the deadly disease captured the hearts of the world.

In just five months, in excess of £200,000 was raised in Stu’s name, via a series of events and initiatives – and the cash is continuing to pour in.

The Ridley family are also anxious to ensure that the funds raised so far are distributed to worthy causes, primarily the Brain Tumour Charity and the rugby world’s own Wooden Spoon charity.

But other worthy causes will also benefit from the tireless fundraising which went on as Stuart fought for his with never-ending optimism."

Stu was an inspiration to us all and such incredible fundraising for good causes is a fitting legacy.