Monday, 15 February 2016

Assange is not being detained and the UN is losing credibility

Go to the Ecuadorian Embassy in central London and you will not see a ring of steel, or dozens of police. Why? Because Julian Assange is free to leave the building. As the embassy is Ecuadorian property the UK police will not enter. Assange is hiding. He is detaining himself. The UN decision is both legally flawed and a serious undermining of its credibility as an international organisation. When did it get so disconnected from reality? The UN panel is a troika from Benin, South Kirea and Mexico. They are manifestly wrong. I practiced criminal law, human rights law and several extradition cases. This UN panel are legally and factually wrong. They have zero credibility and are undermining what the UN stands for.
Assange is wanted in Sweden to face a rape allegation. If he believes so much in freedom and democracy why is he hiding in an embassy of a country he has no real link to and not facing the music and clearing his name? He is detaining himself and anyone who suggests otherwise is detached from the legal and factual reality.
The Foreign Secretary's view and the background to this story is well expressed here:


  1. Your comments show you have not looked into this closely the UM Panel rightly observed that Assange has not been given the right to be questioned , HE WAITED 5 WEEKS IN SWEDEN TO BE QUESTIONED . Why did Maria Ny not interview him ?

    I will tell you why because she knew that the 1st prosecutor was correct there were no charges that could stick , she also knew that he would eventually leave and she could then issue a International arrest warrant for Rape allegations , knowing full well that the Right Wing press would print' Rape charges '.

    Both women slept with Assange more than twice as was normal for Assange ,women flocked to him , big deal get over it and let him go and while your about it compensate him for wrongful imprisonment . The UN panel are right and you ahve failed to back up your comments with any Law , you are a Lawyer please do so .

    Anyone who wishes to know the facts see here-

  2. Guy Opperman ignores that US violates human rights. Sweden does not give Assange assurance they will not deport him to US, while they can. Why not?

    Why can a prosecutor do nothing all the time in Sweden, tell me, why does a prosecutor do have to do something in your country. Does your country have wrong laws?

    Why did prosecutor not go to UK when he was still in UK. In many cases, prosecutors from Sweden went to UK. Tell me mister expert.

    Why red notice interpol, you mr expert do know that this is rather weird, they knew where he was. They could have phoned with UK, they did not need interpol at all.

    Why did UK let him choose between freedom and medical care? Mr expert should know that this is against human rights.

    It is against human rights to burn someone out, UK loves to do it.

    Mr expert forgets that there was aline of police, why do you not tell the truth?

    Why does Uk and Sweden use the same arguments as WOII criminals? Befehl ist Befehl.

    Everyone knows that prosecutor could have gone to UK, even Supreme Court of Sweden knew that. But she said, I will, after 4 years, duhhhhhhh.

    But I do have to admit that PR of UK is better than Goebbels propaganda was.

    1. And mr Expert, what about the 10 days detention? UN tells the world it was against human rights.

      Home arrest was against human rights.

      Completely ignored by UK, does UK care about human rights? Did they understand what human rights are? Did they understand what they signed?

  3. "troika from Benin, South Kirea and Mexico" ? You sound like a self serving bigot. You name 3 countries that you probably believe your constituency will look down upon. What about the other members- Norway, Australia and Ukraine. And tell me about this country South "Kirea".

  4. Why not address the facts? Because you had to prove yourself wrong? What is your agenda with your false statements?
    By any means you may disagree in parts with the UN decision, but you should respect it.