Monday, 4 July 2016

I am backing Theresa May for Prime Minister

So much has happened these past few weeks it is difficult to know where to begin. The key priority for my constituents now is ensuring economic stability, and getting the best deal for Britain. 

For me Theresa May stands head and shoulders above the others in being able to achieve that. Having worked first hand alongside Theresa I think she is the natural successor to lead our country through these difficult and uncertain times.

I worked for Theresa in the Home Office for nearly 3 years and I saw for myself, day in and day out, how hard she worked to keep our country safe and secure. No one gets up earlier. No one is a better master of her brief. Quite frankly, no one works harder. Everyday she has been working hard to keep our country safe.

Just look at her national security credentials - she has spent six years in charge at the Home Office running our police and security services and combating the threat from terror groups. Theresa clearly has the serious experience of high office to deliver the best deal in the EU negotiations. That kind of experience can not be underestimated.
Theresa also understands the challenges we face in the North East, having cut her political teeth fighting a Durham seat in the 1990's. She talked in her launch speech of understanding the concerns facing an ordinary, working-class family, setting out how life for many is much harder than many people in Westminster realise.
She talked about job security, the worry of rising mortgage rates, the cost of living and the quality of local schools. It was a speech about real issues, facing real people. Fundamentally she understands the issues that matter to the people of the North East.
Theresa understands that politics isn’t a game, it is serious, and has real consequences for people’s lives.
In truth, I thought long and hard about all of the candidates in the race, some of who are friends of mine, and are people I greatly admire. However I wanted to make a decision, not just on who I thought would be the best leader for the Conservative Party, but for the North East as a whole.

That is why I am supporting Theresa to become our next Prime Minister. 

I am backing Theresa because of her commitment to put the Government she will lead at the service of ordinary, working people and make Britain a country that works for everyone – regardless of who they are and regardless of where they’re from.

Theresa would make an excellent Prime Minister. She is the serious politician we need for these serious times.
Voting on the future Prime Minister will start Tuesday of this week. MPs will whittle down the list of candidates to two by the middle of next month. A ballot of the party’s 150,000 members will then follow, with a new leader named by September 2.


  1. Excellent and I think right choice. I think she has all the characteristics to be PM. I think she will attract a lot of floating voters and keep the country calm in this volatile time. I admire your choice.

  2. I also think you've made the right choice. Theresa May will make an excellent PM. She has the experience to get the best EU deal that will benefit both sides of the referendum and
    also to bring the country together! Because let's be honest we are not
    a "United" Kingdom.
    I'd also like to say that I think your comments on Jeremy Corbyn and
    who should replace him as leader
    are unnecessary and nothing but a cheap shot. Unless you're living on a desert island, everyone knows what trouble the Labour Party is
    in! So for you to stick your boot
    into Jeremy Corbyn as well serves no purpose and you should be
    ashamed of yourself for stooping
    to such a low level. For goodness sake, we all know he should go, but at least show some compassion by not adding to his troubles, especially as you have no influence on the outcome.

  3. Better Teresa May than the divisive Brexit candidate, Andrea Leadsom. However, PLEASE urge her to include EU nationals currently resident in the UK in the 'Everyone' of her slogan - her refusal to make a clear statement in support of their right to remain shows a shocking willingness to play politics with people's futures. How disappointing that only 5 Tories, not including yourself, were willing to stand up for them in the vote on this matter which took place on 6 July:
    I am sure that, as someone who supported the UK remaining in the EU, you recognise and value the contribution made by EU nationals in our country and in our region. In the last general election campaign, you made much of your willingness to take an independent line where you differed from government policy. I appreciate that your current role in the whip's office may have made this rather more difficult, but I'm sorry that you didn't decide to support this motion.