Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Chronicle (a Trinity Mirror paper) comes out in support of Theresa May

Well worth a read: yes, the boss, is blessed by an opponent of staggering incompetence who is a danger to this country; but on the doorsteps there is no doubt people like the PM. They like her matter of fact calmness, her normality, and her commitment to getting on with the job. And they feel safe with her.
The same cannot be said about
- Dianne Abbott - a joke as a shadow Home Secretary
- John McDonnell - an avowed Marxist
Or Corbyn himself, who always seems more interested in the fate of other countries or causes (Cuba, Venezuaela or the causes like Hamas or the IRA) than his own.
I don't think even the Corbynistas could argue that the Chronicle is a mainstream media opposition vehicle, but when the Mirror / Chronicle goes against you there is a problem for labour. And they are right.

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