Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Thoughts on the first week of the campaign and door knocking in Northumberland

The first week of a general election campaign is always a rush to get organised, fill in nomination papers, draft leaflets, set a campaign plan and try to get organised. In my case I also have ongoing commitments in the constituency, surgery cases I am still trying to help with and commitments as a regional MP to help other campaigns. 
But the impressions are relatively easy to assess. The Northumberland community likes Theresa May. The vast majority of labour minded voters don't support Corbyn, but would return to labour if they had a different leader, and many will still vote for him, notwithstanding their acceptance that he is a complete liability. Liberals under tim farron are not making the fight back that they hoped, but green voters are definitely popping up on the campaign trail. It is notable that the liberals did not field candidates in many of the local election seats, and only campaigned properly in one seat in Bywell. 
I have knocked on thousands of doors over the last three months, primarily as part of the local election campaign, but also in support of Theresa May and myself locally. I have lost track of the number of traditional labour voters who are deciding to vote for Theresa May for the first time. The change is marked. I will post more as the campaign progresses but I have already knocked doors all across the county from Greenhead to Ponteland, from Byrness to the Cumbrian borders. I will be doing a lot more door knocking as the campaign progresses. There will also be the usual church hustings in June. 

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  1. Tory all my life, winter fuel debacle no not again.