Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Elected Police Commissioners

Over the tenure of the previous government the Home Office garnered new power after new power and constantly increased bureaucracy.

The introduction of elected Police Commissioners is a radical and significant move away from this; one which marks a shift of power from the corridors of the Home Office into the hands of the public.

Elected Police Commissioners, with a clear and deliberate mandate from the public will be able hold police forces to account for their successes, and indeed failures, in cutting crime and anti-social behaviour in their area.

These moves are key to our agenda of decentralising power from Whitehall and handing power back to the public.

I think elected Police Commissioners have the potential to transform local policing, insuring that the police no longer look to Whitehall targets or politicians for direction but instead are listening and acting on the wishes of the public which they serve.

What do you think of Elected Police Commissioners?