Tuesday, 21 December 2010

What do we make of Branson's comments?

Richard Branson has previously described some young British entrepreneurs 'overeducated'. I wonder, does he have a point?

Do we put too much focus on Alevels and University degrees and not enough on work, 'on the job' training and a passion for business?

Undoubtedly a surprising number of some of the worlds most impressive businessmen are 'drop outs', including Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft's Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Simon Cowell left school at 16 and Lord Sugars story is well known one.

There is no question there is a huge value in 'learning' and academia but I do wonder if we are lacking a key element in our education system that pushes young people to take that leap into business, getting hands on and really using that passion to become entrepreneurs of the future? What do you think? Its a really interesting debate I hope to look at in more detail come the New Year.