Thursday, 10 February 2011

Skills for Work: Work Experience

Last year I launched my volunteer work experience scheme for local young people, with a wide variety of ages, backgrounds and interests, I have been pleased to hear just how much they have benefited and enjoyed working in our fast paced office environment.

Already we have 35 young people, aged 16-21, signed up to the scheme and I feel this is a great way for students to experience the realities of working life. Work experience is key to unlocking the potential of our youngsters and getting the economy motoring.

I am currently in the process of convincing other organisations, public and
private, to build on this and increase the number of internships and work experience programs across my constituency.

I know how invaluable an that first bit of work experience can be - weather it be a helping hand for their CV or that confidence boost work and responsibility so often gives.