Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My return to the Commons

Today was my first chance to speak in the House since returning to Parliament fulltime. The I used the opportunity at PMQs to thank my thank my constituents for their support and understanding while I had been off ill.

I also used the question to praise the Doctors and Nurses who work in the NHS asking the Prime Minister if he agree that the NHS should be cherished and reformed to continue to meet the needs of the future.

The Prime Minister agreed saying the Government was determined to make sure the NHS was at it's best for future generations

Questioning the Prime Minster at PMQ's is always a bit nerve racking but I enjoyed getting back into the swing of things. I welcomed the assurances from the Prime Minister that the NHS, which is so close to my own heart, is safe in this Governments hands. I will continue to scrutinise the Health and Social Care Bill to make sure it delivers a better and stronger NHS for my constituents and the North East

You watch the question here at about 33minutes in.