Monday, 20 February 2012

Backing the WI

As an MP you learn very quickly there are certain institutions that you should never mess with, (the Whips for one!) but first amongst them is your local WI. The womens institute is made up of nearly a quarter of million ladies from across the country who are often the life blood and indeed backbone of rural communities.

I was surprised then this week to receive correspondence from one of my local WIs at Heddon on the Wall after energy giant Npower slapped them with a bill for £5,315. What was the bill for? For years the meter had been misread, including by Npower themselves, and they have now decided its the good women of Heddon on the Wall who should pay up.

Npower have since offered to reduce the bill but the ladies aren't for turning and they have my full support.

I have written to the Chief Exec to ask them to drop this stupid request and I will keep everyone informed as to the response. Until they do may I recommend any of you who are currently Npower customers visit the wonderful USwitch website where you can change energy supplier.