Monday, 26 November 2012

A fair deal for British Farmers

Last Monday I spoke in the debate in the House of Commons on the Grocery Codes Adjudicator Bill, welcoming the new watchdog which will help get a fair deal for Northumberland's farmers.

This new watchdog will be able to protect farmers and their businesses from greedy supermarkets. This is long overdue legislation which will force supermarkets to treat farmers fairly. We saw just recently with the issues around milk pricing how much this watchdog is needed. I, and many local people in Tynedale and across Northumberland, have been very keen for this to come forward to protect our farmers. I am proud this government will be delivering on it.
The Grocery Codes Adjudicator will ensure that larger supermarkets, which have built business through their effective use of market muscle, will no longer be able to abuse their power to the detriment of producers.
In the debate I welcomed the Bill and told the house:"I know that the growers and producers in Northumberland will support this Bill wholeheartedly."  In response, Farming Minister, David Heath, assured me that anyone would be given the right to complain to the new watchdog, and that it would help strengthen the hand of British farmers.