Thursday, 15 November 2012

Don't forget to vote

Today is Polling Day for Northumbria's Police and Crime Commissioners so don't forget to vote.

Your Conservative candidate is the excellent Phil Butler. You can read more about Phil here.

New figures this week have also revealed a dramatic reduction in burglary across England and Wales, and latest statistics show that the crime is down by 6 per cent.

There were reductions recorded in every region across England and Wales, outside London, including here in Northumbria.

It is clear, despite Labour's rhetoric, our police force is rising to the challenge and cutting crime even in a difficult financial time. We need effective policing to cut crime. Police and crime commissioners will be an effective voice for the public, will be independent, and not involved in operational matters. But they will be able to identify priorities and address budgets.
Phil is from Heddon on the Wall, and has served 30 years in the local force. I am delighted he has decided to get involved but he needs your support.