Saturday, 2 March 2013

Say no to the Lib Dems Bus Station Tax

As I am out campaigning in Hexham later I though I should let you know about about our campaign to stop local residents in Hexham having to face ‘day light robbery’ over plans for a new bus station.

Local Liberal Democrats have put forward plans to fund repairs to Hexham Bus Station with receipts from additional charges in the town such as in car parks, plans which would see Hexham residents suffering double taxation.

I was one of those last year who signed a petition urging the County Council to rebuild the bus station. We all agree Hexham bus station needs to be revamped, yet now they are telling us local residents must pay for it, rather than it coming from County Council coffers.  What do our residents pay their council tax for?

The proposals have been put forward by Hexham West’s Lib Dem County Councillor Derek Kennedy, which would see Hexham residents left to foot the County Council's bill for the revamp of the bus station.

While the Lib Dems are happy to pour £20m of council tax payers money into Ashington for a new leisure centre they are now saying Hexham residents must pay extra for any investment in our own town. At the same time Lib Dems have also given free parking to Ashington, it is very unfair.

Our bus station is the responsibility of Northumberland County Council and our residents pay their council tax just like everyone else in Northumberland, so why should they have to pay twice? This really is a double taxation on our residents.