Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Peoples' Kitchen in Newcastle

Last night I spent some time meeting many of the volunteers who have made the Peoples' Kitchen such a success in Bath Lane. Named after the founder, the inspirational Alison Kay, the Alison Centre provides many hundreds of meals a week to the homeless and needy. Last night they were feeding over a hundred men and women of all ages in a sympathetic and supportive way. I spoke to many of the volunteers from one woman whose first day it was volunteering to others who have been helping there for many years. Some are volunteers from Tynedale who give up an afternoon or evening a week to help out cooking, driving , serving or listening.
Quite rightly the Peoples Kitchen is supported by lots of local businesses, churches and other organisations. It does a brilliant job.
Almost more important than the hot food is the supportive environment where people can find friendship, counselling and emotional support.
It was a very moving evening and every one of the volunteers are rightly very proud of what a difference they are making to their local society.