Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Dry January - think about it! I will be doing it!

This is the bottle that Andrew at Dillies in Hexham sold me before Christmas - it was delicious! 

However, I am gearing up for a completely teetotal month in January; this would be my first such break since the enforced 2 month break when I was ill in April 2011. 

When I was a jockey I hardly ever drank, as all alcohol is full of calories. As Doctor Sarah Wollaston, the Conservative GP and MP for Totnes, is always saying - "Don't drink your calories!" However, if you are going to have a drink, once again try and buy local rather than at a supermarket or online, otherwise shops like Andrews, or their competition, Bin 21, in Hexham's Market Square, will go out of business.

You - as the consumer - are in charge of your own high street, your own shopping opportunities. Please support your local pubs and small independent shops.  As for me I will miss a pint of bitter more than anything, but I will do all I can to give my liver a break!