Friday, 27 June 2014

Why Labour will never win a general election with Ed Miliband as leader - by Labour MPs and pundits

Not my words - increasingly Labour MPs are concerned, and this is further evidenced by the actions of the Labour big beasts who are so critical of their leader.

Balls, Burnham, Chuka and Cooper are all shadow boxing for the leadership as concerns grow about Ed Miliband. Burnham and Cooper are the most obvious. The reasons are the recent polls, politicians, and pundits who are openly saying Ed Miliband is a loser - 
This is what the left leaning Huffington Post reports...
"Labour could be on course to an easy win in next year's general election if it had elected David Miliband leader, rather than his brother Ed, a new survey has suggested.
More voters believe the elder Miliband would make a good prime minister than Ed, who beat him in the race for the Labour leadership in 2010, according to the poll. The poll also suggested that a majority of voters think that the Labour leader would fail to deliver in power on a range of issues, including flagship policies like keeping energy prices down and tackling the cost of living.
After his defeat for the leadership, David Miliband was tipped for a return to frontline politics until he resigned as as a South Shields MP and relocated to live in America.
While Labour has consistently led the Conservatives in the polls over recent years, public perceptions of its leader are far more negative than those of David Cameron, prompting concerns among supporters that Ed Miliband may drag his party's vote down in 2015.
A YouGov survey for Prospect magazine found Ed Miliband trailing Cameron on the best prime minister question. The YouGov poll also showed that 60% of those questioned felt Ed Miliband was "not up to the job" of being PM, compared to 20% who said he was. By contrast, more thought Cameron was up to the job (43%) than did not (39%). Ed Miliband was judged weak by 59% and strong by just 13%.