Friday, 14 November 2014

Join the campaign team - out campaigning and canvassing whatever the weather!

Across the Hexham Constituency, local people just like you are working together on my campaign team. Our team of volunteers are at the heart of the campaign to secure a better future for Northumberland – and we want you to be part of it.

So get involved today, make great friends along the way, and experience the excitement of being on the front line in the most important election for a generation. I accept that todays picture of us on the campaign trail is a wet one in Stannington - but we went to a great pub afterwards!

The eagle eyed will spot Eileen Armstrong holding up a very soggy leaflet defiantly!
On Saturday the team, led by our Conservative County Councillors, are out in Allendale and Catton - simply call the Hexham Office if you want to come along.

Together we can win that election – and help secure a better future for Northumberland, and a better future for Britain. If you can help me, you can sign up to help HERE in just 30 seconds