Thursday, 1 January 2015

A lot is at stake in 2015 - A clear message from David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron:

"2015 is a big year for Britain.

Just five years ago, we were on the brink of bankruptcy. Investors wondered whether Britain was a safe bet any more. Businesses panicked about shrinking order books. And parents wondered what sort of future their children would inherit.

So when we came to office, we set in place a long-term economic plan - and asked for the patience and hard work of the British people to see it through.

Together we have been turning our country around.
In 2014 ours was the fastest-growing economy of all the major advanced nations. We have reduced our deficit by half. And every day we have been in Government, an average of 1000 new jobs have been created.

But our plan is not just fixing the economy - we are making Britain a country where effort is rewarded: where those who put in, get out; where if you put the hours in, you keep more of your own money; where if you're willing to save, you can buy a home of your own; where those retiring can have dignity and security in old age.

All this is at stake in the General Election in May. It is a critical moment for Britain's future - and the choice is clear: between the competence of sticking with our long-term plan, or the chaos of giving it up and going backwards.

With a second term in Government, we can carry on creating more jobs, giving more young people the opportunity to get on in life, and giving more families peace of mind about the future.
So our national New Year's resolution for 2015 must be to stick to the plan and stay on course to