Thursday, 8 January 2015

Extra cash for our Ponteland First Schools as part of our £12 Million Fairer Funding Top Up

As part of the Fairer Funding Formula award that we secured in late 2014, the various schools in Northumberland will receive more money as the long journey to equalise the amounts received in urban areas as compared to rural areas is addressed. The £12 million has been divided up by the Northumberland County Council. There is no doubt that some schools have done better than others. My strong preference was for a percentage increase across the board because that is what the extra cash is there for but this is not what has happened.

The previous blog posts on High School allocation is here:
The blog post on Middle School Allocation is here:

The full extra allocation this April to the Ponteland area is as follows:

Stamfordham First School - An extra £10,603
Ponteland First School - An extra £60,324
Stannington First School - An extra £ 11,565
Darras Hall First School - An extra £81,526
Heddon St Andrew's School - An extra £21,928
Whalton First School - An extra £9,171
Belsay First School - An extra £12,108