Monday, 20 April 2015

Local voters tell me they want a Britian living within its means

Speaking to local people in Ponteland recently one of the big messages I heard repeatedly was that people want a Britain that lives within its means.
Labour left Britain with the biggest budget deficit in our peacetime history. One in every four pounds the last Labour government spent was borrowed money. Everyone should be reminded of LIam Byrne's letter: as a Labour Cabinet Minister and Chief Secretary to the Treasury this is what he wrote in 2010:  
But by taking difficult decisions, we’ve already halved the deficit in this Parliament – and we’re committed to running an absolute budget surplus before the end of the next Parliament.
To ensure that Britain lives within its means, we will:
  • Run a surplus so that we start paying down our debts and keep our economy secure
  • Reduce spending and cut out waste instead of increasing taxes on working people
  • Control the welfare budget so we save money and reward work
  • Crack down on tax avoidance and ensure those who can afford to pay the most do
  • Continue to increase spending on the NHS so everyone gets the care they need
By working through our plan, we will ensure that we don’t leave debts to our children that they could never hope to repay.
Labour would turn back from our plan, risk the recovery with more borrowing, and hit future generations with more debt.
Only the Conservatives have a strong and competent team with a proven record and a credible plan that’s turning our country around – and securing a better future.