Wednesday, 14 November 2018

A visit to Egger

It was great to be able to visit Egger, Tynedale and Northumberland's biggest private sector employer, last week. I have visited the factory many times before, and as always it was good to meet many of the team and get an update on the need for more timber. The factory employs more than 700 people and is one of Europe’s most advanced wood-based panel production facilities. Egger also has a fantastic apprenticeship and employee training scheme, and 10% of its workforce are currently or have been apprentices.

A great business that is such an important part of our local community- I really enjoyed my visit.

Monday, 12 November 2018

UK Parliament Week

This week is UK Parliament Week, and as we mark 100 years since the first women gained the right to vote, this year's event is more important than ever!

UK Parliament Week is a UK-wide festival taking place from 12-18 November, which aims to engage people, especially young people, from different backgrounds and communities, with the UK Parliament and empower them to get involved. UK Parliament Week is part of the UK Parliament’s Vote 100 programme, celebrating equal voting rights and other milestones in the UK’s democratic history. A record high of 32% women MPs were elected to the House of Commons in 2017’s General Election. There is further to go in encouraging diversity though; UK Parliament invites people of all backgrounds to have a say in their democracy.

In 2017, UK Parliament Week reached more than 360,000 people, with over 4,500 events. This year’s UK Parliament Week festival is the largest ever and will see more than 7,000 registered events with over 500,000 people taking part. I encourage you to find out more about our Parliament and get involved with local events this week- find out more here:

Sunday, 11 November 2018

We will remember them

As the country comes together to mark Remembrance Day, I would like to pay tribute to the sacrifice and bravery of servicemen and women both past and present in armed conflicts for our country. This year is particularly poignant as it is the centenary of the Armistice to end World War One.

We will remember them.