Friday, 11 September 2015

Thoughts on todays parliamentary debate on Assisted Dying

Saddened by today's result, but also angry that people are being denied choice and the freedom to die in a manner of their choosing. Parliament has spoken but this campaign of Dignity in Dying continues. The final result was 118 in favour of changing the law, 330 against, and several hundred absentees or positive abstentions.
The full debate is here:
The quality of the speeches were good and a tricky debate was well done. I was impressed by the speeches of Jim Fitzpatrick, the veteran Labour MP, the former Liberal Care Minister Norman Lamb, MP, new member Lucy Allen and the former DPP Kier Starmer MP.

The vast majority of my constituents, along with a surprising number of my churchgoers wanted this change. Like Archbishop George Carey they can be both very Christian and want control of their final days.