Friday, 23 October 2009

November 7th Dilemma - Glasgow not Pro Bono!

Am delighted to have been nominated for the Barristers Pro Bono Award for 2009; this is my third nomination and I was lucky enough to win in 2007 - it recognises volontary work for free by lawyers in the community.

However, this year I am nominated as part of the team that helped open justice up to individuals by developing Proctective Costs Orders and specifically for the campaign to prevent closure of hospital units.

My problem is that if I win I will be on the tough streets of East Glasgow fighting the by election, not at the ceremony! But Scotland it is - and a brave band of candidates, Conservative Future students and local councillors are to give the Scottish Conservatives a hand in the battle for Michael Martin's old seat

There is still space on the bus [although over 20 have confirmed] if anyone wants to come - just get in contact with me or Barbara in the office.