Monday, 16 July 2012

Good news on trains

Today we have a key meeting with Northern Rail in Corbridge. For some time I have been trying to get better relations with Northern Rail as we attempt to get  a better rail service for the Tyne Valley and also from Newcastle generally. So I am pleased that tonight we have a meeting between Northern executives and key local train enthusiasts, notably the Tyne Valley Rail Users Group.
This is against a backdrop of the wonderful news of the investment announcement today in the North: the latest industry five-year plans is intended to help end the north-south divide. Much of the investment, covering 2014-19, is aimed at the North, with the Northern Hub improvements that will cut journey times between cities such as Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool and Newcastle. Full details will be announced later.
For my part I am pleased that we are meeting for a curry in the Valley = the number one train lovers restaurant, as it is based in the old ticket hall at Corbridge station.