Sunday, 29 December 2013

Looking back at my 2013 predictions...

Well it's that time of year again. The time of year we look back at my predictions from last year and see how incredibly wrong I was! Let's see how it went this year...

"International politics: As Syria descends into civil war, the focus will shift to Iran and its nuclear intentions. World leaders will have to make very tough decisions on the middle east generally and Iran in particular. My one strong prediction is that Assad will not be the leader of Syria by the end of 2013. The end game for him is nigh."

- Half a mark here, I may have been wrong on Assad but Iran's nuclear intentions are certainly in the news, although with perhaps a more positive outlook that I had assumed. 

Big Local Issue 2013: I predict the issues around our green belt will dominate locally in 2013.

- I reckon I got this one right. The Council's Greenbelt plans have brought communities like Ponteland together in a bigger way than I have seen since I was selected more than 5 years ago.

International Democratic Day of the Year: the Falklands Referendum on March 10th 2013 - when the local people finally are able to make their feelings clear. I happily predict the islanders will vote to remain British.

- God love the Falklands, not only did  99.8% of islanders vote overwhelmingly to remain a British territory, (on a turnout of 92%) they also helped me get full marks on this prediction!

Local Democratic Day of the Year: May 2nd when Northumberland goes to the polls. I will put my neck on the block and make two predictions; 1) The Conservatives will have more seats that we have now 2) The Conservatives will win one or both of Hexham West and Haydon and Hadrian.

- Well the elections have come and gone. Firstly the Conservatives gained 4 new seats, taking us from  17 to 21. The best results for the Conservatives anywhere in the country. Locally we missed out on Haydon and Hadrian, but we did win Hexham West from the Lib Dems with Cllr Colin Cessford scoring a spectacular victory. 1 1/2 out of 2 for this one.

In the Arts: The Oscars are the only show in town in the spring so my strong prediction is Best Actor to Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln, with Les Miserables as Best Picture.

Argo took Best picture but luckily for me Daniel Day Lewis came up trumps with Best Actor. 1/2

A horse racing bet: Flemenstar is a good choice each way for the Gold Cup in Mid March but I particularly like Sea Bass each way to win the Grand National on April 6th

It was a win for Bobs Worth at the Gold Cup. Sea Bass came an unlucky 13th with winner Auroras Encore storming to victory in the Grand National. My reputation as the North East's premier horse racing tipster took a slight dive... 0/2

And finally...Sport: Not my finest predictions last year, but here it goes for 2013. Murray will win Wimbledon, England will win back to back Ashes series, Man United will win the League, and Rory McIlroy will win the Masters, only to be denied a grand slam by Ian Poulter who wins the Open.

Well, well, well, all I can say is - Come on Murray! England won the Series 3-0 in August - although I accept our form has slightly dipped since!  Manchester United won the 21st season of the Premier League which saw 1063 goals scored over 380 matches. Aussie Adam Scott won the 77th edition of the Masters with my predicted winner Mcllroy making it to just 25th place. Phil Mickelson won the 2013 Open in Muirfield Scotland despite a strong performance from my prediction Ian Poulter. Overall 3/5.
My predictions for 2014 will follow on New Years Day