Sunday, 20 July 2014

Working with Women 2 Win is one of the best things I have done this parliament

Most Monday evenings these last two + years, and many other times besides, has seen myself and a few other MPs coaching future female future stars who are on the candidates list, and trying to be selected to stand for the next general election.
I have been part of a big team led by Anne Jenkin and Brooks Newmark, and helped in particular by MPs like Therese Coffey, Ben Gummer, Harriet Baldwin, and many more. There is a brilliant back room team of Resh, Ellen and others who make all this possible.
It is like being at a jewellers - seeing all manner of stones come into the polishing room. All are diamonds, all are different. Our job is not to change them but to comment and help, answering questions and helping on all aspects of policy and procedure.
Brooks has had to stand down, as he has been promoted, and I am taking a bigger role going forward. Much looking forward to it.