Friday, 22 August 2014

Hexham Fire Station Consultation - details of how to respond and my views

For over 5 years we have been looking to relocate Hexham Fire Station and I have held many meetings with Fire Officers including the Chief Fire Officer,Alex Bennett,and many other firemen who do such a good job across Northumberland. The station has to move for a variety of reasons, not least the fact that the present site is a flood risk.

The preferred new site is now to co-locate with the Hexham Hospital. I am fully behind this idea for a number of reasons, not least that all 3 emergency services know it is my strong view that we should have co-location of emergency services wherever possible. As they all know I would go further with far greater co-responding and interconnection between differing services in responding to events, led by the relevant expert. This particularly applies in truly rural areas.

The Hexham Hospital site is not perfect - no site ever is - but it is a massive improvement on the present site, it comes at a genuinely reasonable cost given the alternatives, and provides Hexham with a 21st Century Fire Station. It also allows the Northumberland County Council to reassess and use the present Hexham site, and the alternative Golf Course site that has lain idle for many years. Given all that my provisional view is to back this move wholeheartedly, although I want to see the product of the consultation and see what comments are made.
The Consultation is ongoing until 5th September so I urge any locals supportive or opposed to get involved. The email address is
or write to Headquarters at West Hartford Business Park, Cramlington NE23 3JP