Friday, 5 June 2015

Maiden speeches from earlier this week in the Commons - some of the best jokes and highlights

There have been literally dozens of Maiden speeches during the Queens Speech debate this week. This is not a greatest hits blog but an attempt to get my 18,000+ readers to understand what a wonderfully diverse and capable bunch of new recruits we have to the mother of parliaments. All are worth a read on Hansard, but this blog attempts to give a flavour of what a new parliament is like. This does not denote preferment - it is that some of these were the best I heard personally.
The best jokes at the outset of a speech clearly go to Cheltenham MP, Alex Chalk, whose experiences with Boris on the campaign trail were beautifully told:
Its worth a read.
I have to single out some of the Women2Win stars as well this week:
- Suella Fernandes, the new Fareham MP told her father tale of immigration and passionate love for Britian with great pride here:
This is the start of her speech:
"On a cold February morning in 1968, a young man, not yet 21, stepped off a plane at Heathrow airport, nervously folding away his one-way ticket from Kenya. He had no family, no friends and was clutching only his most valuable possession, his British passport. His homeland was in political turmoil. Kenya had kicked him out for being British. My father never returned. He made his life here in Britain, starting on the shop floor of a paint factory. My mother, recruited by the NHS in Mauritius as a girl of 18, passed her 45th year of service last year.
My family had nothing but hopes and dedication. They were so proud to be British and so proud to make our country even better. If I succeed in making some small contribution during my time in this place, it will reflect only a fraction of my gratitude to this country for the abundance of education, culture and traditions that have made Britain great, for the tolerance and fellowship of the British people, and for the opportunity and liberty that we all enjoy."

There is no doubt that former soldier, and Plymouth MP, Johnny Mercer's tale of the difficulties of forces veterans has struck a chord with many:
All the new intake will do well. I will do a further blog later in the week with later speeches.