Saturday, 23 January 2016

Reporting back: Progress on A69 dualling as locals get to meet the Department for Transport Policy Lead for Future Roads

On Thursday of last week I was delighted to welcome many local residents, local businessmen and women and members of the local council to meet Shona Johnstone, strategic studies policy lead for future roads at the Department for Transport. She is collating the responses to the feasibility study for the dualling of the A69 and part of that is engagement with local residents. We spoke for over 90 minutes and took a multitude of Q and A. Shona certainly got the message that we want the road dualled! I am very confident that we gave a good account of ourselves as the room in Haltwhistle was packed with standing room only at the back and a wide variety of voices and opinions were heard. I will update with more info in the next 7 days as to how residents input further in to the feasibility study. My thanks for Councillor Ian Hutchinson for all his help in getting this sorted and leading the local campaign.

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  1. It is my fear that this will have unfortunate consequences. First of all, is it really necessary? As a regular user of this route, I have very rarely had any issues with hold ups. The safety argument does not bear scrutiny as per mile the duelled A69 is just as dangerous only more towards pedestrian deaths than vehicle occupant deaths. It will result in far greater numbers of vehicles using this route, in particular HGVs choosing it over the A66 route to Scotland. The result I fear will be even more pollution from large diesel engines (this is now a critical issue in parts of the UK), poorer access for pedestrians and other non vehicle road users, greater congestion at pinchpoints. There may be a decrease in local shopping as the route to Carlisle and the Metro Centre is perceived to be shorter. Newbury has demonstrated that my fears are very justified.