Sunday, 10 June 2018

Saving our seas

Earlier this week we marked World Oceans Day, and I am delighted that the government is leading the way on protecting our sea life and marine habitats. On Friday the Environment Secretary Michael Gove announced plans to create more than forty new Marine Conservation Zones across the UK, safeguarding almost 12.000 square kilometres of marine habitats and marking the most significant expansion of the UK’s ‘Blue Belt’ of protected areas to date. The new sites will reach right across England’s coastline, from the South West to Berwick, as well as two sites in Northern Irish offshore waters. No new activities deemed damaging- such as dredging or significant coastal or offshore development- will be allowed to take place in these areas. 

This is such an encouraging announcement, which will protect rare and threatened marine habitats and species- yet another example of the government’s commitment to protecting our planet.