Monday, 9 July 2018

Success at Tyne Green

After the devastation caused by the floods in December 2015 which affected so many people in the Hexham area, I was so pleased to be able to visit the completed flood defence at Tyne Green, recently completed to protect local homes from future flooding. Construction started last month on the project, which was funded by residents who pooled the individual grants they received following the 2015 floods. A thank you event is scheduled to take place later this summer. 

I am delighted that the campaign for flood prevention on Tyne Green has finally come to fruition, after many delays and struggles along the way. I would like to thank the Environment Agency, as well as Northumberland County Council, Northumbrian Water and Network Rail, who have all helped to make this happen. It is so important that residents have this reassurance that they are prepared for the next time we are faced with floods, and so well done to everyone who has been a part of this brilliant campaign.