Monday, 27 April 2020

Northumberland News Magazine: COVID-19

I'm really pleased that Northumberland County Council has published a COVID-19 version of the regular Northumberland News magazine, which will be delivered to every household over the coming days - and many will have already received it.

We are living in unprecedented times, and I know everyone at Northumberland County Council is working hard to deliver key frontline services, like protecting those who are being 'shielded', as well as providing financial support for businesses.

The magazine contains lots of helpful information, including:
  • Northumberland Communities Together - enhancing the work of local community and voluntary groups. 
  • Keeping yourself safe from scams.
  • Schools, and accessing free school meals. 
  • The difference between self-isolation and social distancing. 
  • How you can get help if you are being 'shielded'. 
  • Getting help if you are suffering from domestic abuse.
  • Financial help available from both the County Council and the government.
  • Important contact details for the council. 
You can read the magazine below: