Saturday, 17 October 2020

Protecting culture across the Tyne Valley

Our cultural institutions have been hit hard throughout this coronavirus pandemic, and protecting culture for the future is vitally important.

Earlier this week, the government confirmed over half a million pounds of funding for local cultural organisations across the Tyne Valley as part of the Cultural Recovery Fund - including for the Queen's Hall, and the amazing Hexham Book Festival. 

I am delighted that today, the government has confirmed a second round of funding, with £250,000 for the historic Vindolanda Trust, taking the total investment in culture across the Tyne Valley to almost £1 million. This will help to support local jobs, and will hopefully put some of our iconic cultural organisations on a sustainable footing for the future.

Culture is so important to our local Tyne Valley community, and making sure it is there for us after this pandemic is a top priority. This funding aims to ensure these crucial organisations can stay afloat whilst their doors are closed, so they can bounce back from the pandemic.