Friday, 24 April 2009

A day in Newton + Ovington

Spent the day in Newton with former Councillor Fiona Hunter, who really knows her patch, and is another of the Tynedale Councillors who will be sorely missed. We were out and about in the village of Newton and the surrounding area all morning and popped in briefly to Mowden Hall ... To all of our surprise we were asked to stay for lunch with the kids. The children were amazingly well behaved, and clearly very happy. Asked the kids on my table who were the best teachers and one replied with a mischievous grin - "the gap year students, as they let us get away with more!" It is a wonderful school.
In the afternoon we were on the campaign trail in Ovington - am coming back to campaign here on June 3rd during the Euro election and wanted to spend time there beforehand.