Friday, 29 July 2022

Prudhoe drill hall update

I am delighted that Northumberland County Council are listening to the very serious concerns for residents' public safety at the old drill hall. The building is a dangerous eyesore.

Northumberland County Council have confirmed to me they are taking the following action: 

Due to the potential risk of failure of part of the building close the small section of road between Swalwell Close and Fair View, from Swalwell Close to the back lane.

The Council will start to prepare an application for a court order, under Section 77 of the Building Act to undertake work to the building, and/or installation of structural scaffolding to remove the "danger".

I look forward to continue to work closely with NCC, HMRC and Prudhoe Town Councillor, Tracey Gilmore, to ensure the voices of Prudhoe are heard.

Monday, 25 July 2022

Low Prudhoe flooding - major investment news!

Following more recent flooding, Northumberland County Council have confirmed that it has had to secure wayleave agreements to enable a new highway drainage system to be installed on private land adjacent to the adopted highway.

The council expect all of the documentation to be completed and to undertake the implementation of the drainage scheme as well as resurfacing of the road this autumn (2022).

I am delighted that after campaigning with local Prudhoe Town Councillor, Chris Barrett, NCC have confirmed their plan to tackle a problem that has been causing problems for people and businesses in Prudhoe.

It is brilliant that the Council have listened to residents’ concerns. The drainage system and resurfacing of the road will make a difference to local people.

Friday, 22 July 2022

Why I am backing Rishi Sunak

Our great country is at a crossroads and the decisions we make today will decide our future. Serious times call for serious people. That is why I am backing Rishi Sunak. 

I have got to know Rishi as a fellow Northern MP very well over the last seven years. He is a genuinely decent man doing politics for all the right reasons. Rishi has a proven track record and can grip the challenges we face and push the country forward. He is a second-generation migrant, whose dad was a local NHS GP, and whose mum ran a local pharmacy in Southampton. He grew up in Southampton, and went to a local school before hard work, intellect and aspiration got him to Oxford University and then a successful business career. He has my support. 

As Chancellor, he showed leadership by gripping the most unprecedented economic situation since the Second World War, saving millions of jobs through the Furlough Scheme during the pandemic. This showed leadership qualities that will be required to rebuild our economy and tackle the inflation crisis. 

When inflation began to rise on the back of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, Rishi introduced a raft of measures to support those who needed help the most. Some of these have made it through to people’s bank accounts and some are still to arrive, and include cutting £400 off every household’s energy bill; cutting council tax by £150 for 20 million households, plus giving an emergency, one-off, £650 payment to eight million struggling households.

Rishi has a proper plan of investment, innovation and growth. We need to rebuild the economy, so we can then cut taxes.

Rishi understands the challenges in the North East. A lot of people lent their vote to the Conservatives in 2019 to implement Brexit and level up opportunities in a region that has been forgotten for far too long. Rishi is committed to keeping Brexit safe and ensuring that his government continues to deliver investment and regeneration to our region. 

The challenges our region and country face need a serious and experienced leader – that person is Rishi Sunak.