Wednesday, 4 April 2018

My visit to Haydon Bridge High School

Last week I visited Haydon Bridge High School, where I sat down with head teacher Darren Glover and a group of teachers. Northumberland County Council’s informal consultation on Tynedale’s schools is drawing to a close and the teachers showed me the proposals that they have submitted as part of the consultation.

I am so pleased that teachers, parents and pupils from across Tynedale have submitted their views on the future of our schools to the consultation. Councillors have assured me that they are listening and I am sure that the voice of Tynedale will be heard loud and clear. There are of course specific problems which we need to deal with, including Haydon Bridge High School being in special measures. I am grateful to teachers at HBHS for their efforts to find a future for the school and I will continue to try to play my part in securing a long-term future for the school.

I have submitted my response to the County Council’s consultation and I would urge anyone that hasn’t yet to please do so.