Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Greek economic meltdown and debt, Mrs Clooney and the Elgin Marbles

The Greek government continue to chirp about the injustice of the Elgin Marbles staying in the British Museum. Let us not forget the stones were rescued with permission from authorities in Athens to save them from destruction locally. You would never think there is an election brewing in Athens would you? I have no objection to the return of the marbles myself but I do object to the Greek government - horrendously in debt as it is - focusing its time on this of all issues. I am presuming that Mrs Clooney is not working for free - if she is doing this case pro bono then I am delighted and surprised.

The Spectator puts it well: 
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"In the name of European harmony, we would like to propose a compromise: we will return the Elgin Marbles once Greece has repaid the €240 billion of emergency loans made by EU states during the crisis, and honoured all its government bonds.

Until then, we suggest Greece recognises the role Lord Elgin played in rescuing its deteriorating heritage and accepts that the British Museum has done an excellent job in preserving the marbles and displaying them to scholars and the public alike.

To have a little bit of the glory of ancient Athens in London hardly seems out of line with the spirit of shared European culture."

Far be for me to be robust with a fellow former lawyer but Mrs Clooney is clearly the one being used here.