Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Leader programme of grant support helping establish rural businesses

It was a pleasure to go to Humshaugh Village Hall last week, both to meet the team from the Northumberland Uplands Group and also to see the kitchen bought with Leader funds. Leader is a government backed funding scheme for fundamentally rural projects. By reason of the Humshaugh Village Hall Leader funding they were able to create a proper kitchen that supports the village hall itself and lots of the activities that the village wants to do for bread making and cider for the village shop. 
However, the spin offs from such a project are massive. The village hall derive an income from Maureen Nixon, who is a local chef, and who has created the Village Kitchen as a small business. Maureen was midway through making her amazing meals that she then sells in and around Tynedale. I bought one and they are delicious! 
Her website is