Monday, 12 June 2017

With the election over it's back to work in Westminster

There are only 2 MP's that can say they got married during their General Election campaign, and I suspect there are fewer still who can say they spent their honeymoon campaigning! I am in a select group of two with Clive Lewis, the labour MP for Norwich south.

General Elections in Hexham always require going the extra mile; knocking on thousands of doors, delivering leaflets, 3 hustings, and all across one of the biggest constituencies in the country. As any candidate will tell you, that comes along with early starts, lots of late nights, food on the go, and a car (and a house) that often finishes the campaign looking like a war zone.

Whilst all that goes on, the day to day of constituency casework and surgeries continue, and I want to thank my team, and the helpers, members, volunteers and Councillors who helped on the campaign.

Locally, I am pleased to have secured an increased percentage vote and the highest Conservative vote share since in Hexham since the 1950's.

With the election over it's now time to get back to work for the Hexham Constituency as your local Member of Parliament.