Thursday, 25 January 2018

His name'5 Doddie- do what you can to support his fight

Former Newcastle Falcons rugby player Doddie Weir has been raising awareness of Motor Neurone Disease, after announcing that he has been diagnosed with the condition last year. Doddie has started a foundation, My Name’5 Doddie, which is raising funds to aid research into the causes of Motor Neurone Disease and investigate potential cures. Last year Doddie raised over £11,000 for the charity with a charity walk along Hadrian’s Wall, along with a team of walkers involved with the foundation.

Motor Neurone Disease affects the nerves in the brain and spine, gradually weakening the muscles and leading to muscle wastage. It is not known what causes the disease, which is why research is so important. I would encourage you to find out more about Motor Neurone Disease and to support Doddie and the foundation wherever you can.