Friday, 11 October 2019

A massive boost for our local schools

Campaigning for Fairer School Funding in Bywell

Every school across Tynedale and Ponteland will see their government funding increase next year as a result of today's massive funding boost announcement by the Prime Minister. 

Levelled up education funding means per pupil funding at Queen Elizabeth High School will top more than £5,000 next year. 
This has only been possible as a result of a long campaign which has been supported by fantastic local headteachers such as Graeme Atkins. I recently met with Graham at the consultation on Queen Elizabeth High School's new building to see their exciting plans for the future. 

With Graeme Atkins, Headteacher of Queen Elizabeth High School and Cllr Cath Homer, Hexham East

The funding boost is part of a massive investment in our schools locally which means that by 2021, every high school across Tynedale and Ponteland will have been rebuilt or refurbished.

·      Work is already well underway on the new £45m Ponteland Schools and Leisure Complex, which is set to open next year. 

·      £4.5m is being invested to upgrade Haydon Bridge High School, which will see two new multi-use games areas, a new vocational centre, and a total redesign of the front of the school, which is due to be completed at the end of the year. 

·      Prudhoe Community High School’s brand new building was opened in 2016. It is now officially a good school with outstanding teachers and great pupils.

·      Queen Elizabeth High School is set to get a brand new, state of the art building as part of a £36.1m investment, due to be completed in 2021. 

This new funding will make a massive difference to our fantastic local schools