Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Face coverings to become mandatory in shops and supermarkets

The Government has announced today that face coverings in shops and supermarkets will become mandatory in England from Friday 24th July.

This announcement comes as growing evidence from Public Heath England and the World Health Organisation suggests that wearing a face covering in enclosed spaces helps protect individuals and those around them from coronavirus.

The new rule will be enforced by the police and those who fail to comply will face a fine of up to £100. 

Shop workers will be encouraged to prompt customers to comply with the new rule. However, they will not have to enforce the rule. 

Children under 11 and people with certain disabilities will be exempt from this new rule. Restaurants, pubs and cafes are also not included in this announcement. 

As with other public heath measures during the pandemic I have every confidence residents will comply with this new rule to help suppressing the spread of the virus, whilst allowing the restarting of the economy and saving lives.