Thursday, 25 March 2021

Add your voice to the story of the pandemic in Humshaugh

Residents in Humshaugh have come up with a brilliant way to document the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the village and its residents.

Humshaugh Publications are asking residents to contribute to a book they are producing about the coronavirus pandemic in Humshaugh. Residents are being asked to provide something that shows how Covid-19 has impacted their lives- this could be a short piece of writing, a photograph, drawing or something else entirely.

I think this project is a fantastic idea. The past year has been unprecedented for all of us, and this book will act as a document of this time in Humshaugh for the future.

If you are a Humshaugh resident,  I would really encourage you to participate in this great project and add your voice to Humshaugh's story. You can send your contributions to or by the end of March. You can also leave contributions in the basket at the village shop.